The Littlest Unicorn

The Littlest Unicorn


The Littlest Unicorn is an original children's fairytale written by author Christopher M. Whelan and it is the first book in a series of stories that teaches small children that even though they are small they can do great things and be very valuable and important. The adventure begins in the magic valley of the unicorns just when you thought all was lost "Cindy" the little unicorn saves the day!


Money donated will go to provide more books for young readers. 65 percent of fourth graders in North America read at a "below proficient" level. One of the best ways to develop children's literacy is to encourage kids to read at home and to start good reading skills at an early age. The problem? Two-thirds of children living in poverty have no books at home to read. The Littlest Unicorn is a great series of books for young readers. Please help us spread the joy of reading and promote literacy!



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