In order to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the last episode of Charmed which aired on May 21, 2006, we have created this original commemorative 200 page 12" x 12" x 5/8" hardcover art book. 

See the preview on our youtube channel:

Now you can have your very own modern presentation of the famous artwork seen in the television series Charmed. With 158 pages of screen accurate artwork & spells seen on the show and 42 blank pages inserted throughout the book so you can add your own spells and illustrations for a total of 200 beautiful full-color pages. ***NEW*** Now available in 8" x 10" smaller version, same beautiful pages! 

You can add your own entries into this book just as generations of Halliwell family members did with their book of shadows or you can just enjoy the 158 pages of amazing artwork, spells, and descriptions of demons for you to vanquish all as seen in the TV series Charmed. NOTE: This book can only be used for good (Evil hands cannot hold it). 

This art book is comprised of a collection of high quality, high resolution artwork and has been carefully formatted and reproduced using modern print on demand technology and is professionally bound to display the beautiful artwork from the original Charmed Book of Shadows in a modern, present-day coffee table book format at an affordable price for such a high quality large format book. If you are a fan of the Charmed series then you will recognize and enjoy every page of this art book for many, many years to come or it makes an excellent gift for any Charmed fan!

We also include at no additional cost, a high-quality reproduction of an autographed 8 x 10 original cast photo, a book of shadows blessing, a power of three will set you free comic pic and a signed & numbered certificate of authenticity. 

Custom made to order, please allow sufficient time for us to produce and ship to your location.

Book of Shadows (8" x 10")



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